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Eyelash Extensions in Boise

Wish to have long and voluminous lashes? Tired of spending time applying mascara & eyeliner? Certfied esthetician attaches faux mink to your lashes.

Look your best with eyelash extensions— a revolution in the fashion industry.

Mink Lash Extensions

When you want full long thick lashes, choose extensions:

  • Add volume to your natural eyelashes
  • Doesn’t damage your current lashes
  • Enhance your eyes and your look
  • Boost self-confidence 

Upgrade to Classic, Hybrid or Volume eye lash extensions.

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Eyelash Pricing

  • Classic Full Set


    We attach 1 eyelash extension to each natural lash. The 'classic' option is best suitable for someone who wants to achieve a subtle and natural look.

  • Hybrid Full Set


    We attach 2-3 lash extensions to each natural lash. The 'hybrid' option is ideal for someone who wants to achieve a fuller, strong look.

  • Volume Full Set


    We attach 3-5 thinner lash extensions to each natural lash. When you want a bolder, more dramatic look– choose volume lash extensions. Volume lashes are versatile in the many looks we can achieve.

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Natural Beautiful Lashes

Our natural eyelashes are long-lasting. Get the look of your dreams.

We love making you feel strong, empowered, & beautiful. It's time for the best lashes in Boise.

Finally an affordable & personable lash salon– give Kristine a call today at 208-914-0338.

Are lash extensions safe? Won't they ruin normal lashes?

No, it will not ruin your natural eyelashes and perfectly safe. Our lash experts are trained to apply them properly with perfect isolation.

  • Low fume, less irritating
  • Lightweight lashes
  • Sensitive glue safe

Rubbing your eyes or pulling on the extensions can cause lash loss and damage to your natural lashes.

How long do eyelash extensions last? 

A full set of eyelashes usually lasts as long as your natural lash cycle. It is anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. However, we suggest getting fills within 2 to 3 weeks. (See more)

How long does it take to apply them? 

Our artists are trained to finish applying classic eyelashes in around 90 minutes and volume ones in 90-120 minutes. We also ask you to reserve 60 to 80 minutes for fills too. 

Our process includes removing grown-out lashes, cleaning up the existing ones and making them look brand new. This ensures the retention and the life of your extensions. 

Can I wear makeup with my lashes? 

Yes, you can. But avoid using mascara or oil-based products that are not safe for extensions. It can affect their life.

Instead, you can use extension safe mascaras, sealers, and cleansers. 

How do I take care of my lash extensions?

Keep them away from water for the first 48 hours. So avoid the following things:

  • Eye makeup remover
  • Showering
  • Swimming
  • Steam
  • Tears 

Plus, brush your lashes straight and don't use oil-based products. Avoid touching or playing with them and using a lash curler.

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